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The Folding Wagon


The folding wagon with removable roof is the largest in our range. The flexible powder coated steel pipe frame is folded up in one easy step and can be easily stowed in the shed, garage, camper, caravan or car! It has a powder coated steel frame, the new upgraded wheels are super wide for maximum stability in the toughest of terrains. The brand new innovative design allows the back wheels to slide in and out which provides maximum stability whilst still being able to fold flat.  The perfect festival wagon. 

Available in blue and red.


- Folding 

- Removable roof 

- Bag in the rear with zippers 

- 2 additional net bags to stop your little items getting lost! 

Product advantages: 

- flexible steel frame strengthened with grid floor 

- Nylon roof removable, water- and dirt repellent 

- big outer pocket with zippers 

- 2 additional net pockets in the front - folded up in one easy step 

- 360° rotatable front wheels

- Sliding back wheels to enable maximum stability whilst still being able to fold flat. 

Technical info:  

- Size: (LxWxH) 120cm x 60cm x 95cm 

- Height without roof from the bottom: 65cm 

- Length with extended drawbar: 150cm 

- Loading area: (LxWxH) 77cm x 45cm x 28cm  

- Capacity: Up to 80 kg 

- Material: Steel pipe, Nylon 

Please note this wagon is not tested as a children's toy and therefore should not be used as such.

The Festival Wagon


The original festival wagon.... Probably our most popular wagon! This wagon has 4 all-terrain, air suspended profile tyres making it super easy to pull along fully loaded and in all terrains. Whether you want to carry your BBQ and beers to the beach or your festival goodies to the music this is the wagon for you. It comes with an extra-long handle to stop the wagon catching your ankles while pulling. It has an anti-tip mechanism under the chassis for extra safety and stability. We can customise this wagon to your hearts content. Have a look at our photo gallery for some ideas. We can even add your name to a name plate at the back. The wooden side slats can be adorned with anything from fairies to superheroes, and painted whichever colour you choose, we even add a little sparkle.  Just contact us with your requests and we will do our absolute best to accommodate your wishes. A host of accessorised are also available for this wagon including canopy conversion kits.  

Product advantages:  

- 4 air suspended profile wheels  

- All terrain  

- Extra-long handlebar 

- Small turning radius 

- Optional canopy and other accessories 

- Anti tip mechanism 

- Full customisation available 

- Name plates available on request 

 Technical info: 

-53cm off the floor 

-depth of the tray 9cm  

-wooden sides 13.5cm so the total depth is 22.5cm

-internal measurements are 37cm wide by 82cm long

-The handle is 69cm long 

-Maximum load 130kg 

Please note this is not tested as a children's toy and therefore should not be used as such.

The Western Wagon (OUT OF STOCK)


This super cool collapsible wagon is ideal for carrying your loads. With air suspended profile wheels it's an absolute doddle to pull fully laden on all terrains. The practical axle pivot steering also ensures for a small turning radius when space is limited. This wagon is ideal for camping and festivals. Load her up and away you go. The canopy means you can use it come rain or shine and we all know the great British weather is very changeable. The wagon is easily slotted together and apart making it an ideal option if space is an issue. 

Product advantages:  

- 4 air suspended profile wheels  

- practical drawbar 

- small turning radius through axle pivot steering 

- removable canopy to protect from wet weather

- front and backwall quickly removed for a simple loading process 

- demountable wooden construction for bigger transports 

-  easy assembly  

Technical info:  

- tyre diameter: 25 cm 

- Length with deployed arm: 172cm - Length without arm: 93cm 

- Width: 62cm (at widest point including wheels)

- Maximum weight load 180kg 

- Canopy 100 % polyester 

Loading area dimensions:


Width 45cm 

Length 74cm


Width 33cm

Length 74cm

Please note this is not tested as a children's toy and therefore should not be used as such.